Scenes from: About the Pink Sky (2011)

Stills from the 2011 film, About the Pink Sky ももいろそらを (Momoiro sora o). It’s a quirky, moody, sometimes fun film with a nice feeling of place.

The three main characters. A version of this scene was used in some of the film’s posters:

About the Pink Sky girls in station Tokyo

Throwing rocks in a riverbed…

About the Pink Sky girls in Tokyo riverbed

Fishing at Tsuribori Musashinoen 釣り堀 武蔵野園 in Suginami-ku (for more about fishing in Tokyo, see Fishing in Tokyo, under the pink sky 管理釣り場 穴場):

Capsule vending machines カプセル自販機 (and a ninja popcorn vending machine 忍者型のポップコーン自販機) in front of the fishing place:

About the Pink ninja popcorn vending machine

And the popcorn ninja today:

Tsuribori Musashinoen popcorn ninja vending machina Tokyo

An odd scene in front of a crematorium 火葬場:

About the Pink Sky Robert Pattinson




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