Google Streetview, after dark, in Japan

Step 1: In September I made the following Tweet:

Step 2: Noticed a question on Quora, Does Google Street View contain any photographs made at twilight and not just daylight?

It was a match made in heaven, because the countless hours I spend on Streetview led me to the dusky views above. It really is quite rare, Google Streetview pictures at dusk.

This was the case on a virtual “visit” to Kōgyōdanchi Station 工業団地駅 in Kochi-ken, Shikoku Island.

Example 1 (map):

dark google streetview 4 Kochi-ken Shikoku.jpg

Today, as I was write this, I noticed that the Streetview pics are now not quite as dark. The original batch of pictures was taken at dusk, after sunset. However, the current batch is taken at sunset, or immediately after.

Example 2 (map):

Dusk (below, left); sunset (below, right)

Example 3 (map):

Example 4 (map):

Parting scene 1 (map):

sunset dusk streetview

Parting scene 2 (map):

See also:


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