Here is Yutoriya ユートリヤ (map), the Sumida ward Lifelong Learning Center すみだ生涯学習センター, sponsored by the Sumida ward Higashimukojima branch office 墨田区役所 東向島出張所.

Completed in 1994, it’s architectural design was by Itsuko Hasegawa 長谷川逸子, with structural design by Umezawa Structural Engineers lab. 株式会社梅沢建築構造研究所. In English, the project is described as “SUMIDA CULTURE FACTORY“.

Here is the building from above, at various angles (with assistance of Google maps 3D enhancement):

From above, with and without 3D enhancement:

From across the train tracks (Tobu Skytree Line) (source):

Sumida Lifelong learning center aerial train tracks

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