Three Resurrected Drunkards in film and song

(I) The movie

Three Resurrected Drunkards 帰って来たヨッパライ (1968) is a mad classic from the always-interesting Nagisa Oshima 大島 渚. Trailer:

Opening scene:

(II) The title song

The song we hear at the start of the film is also the title song;  帰って来たヨッパライ / Kaette Kita Yopparai. Here’s a somewhat normal-speed version:

Other titles for the song:

(III) The band

The band’s name was The Folk Crusaders ザ・フォーク・クルセダーズ, part of a movement described as 「アングラ・フォーク」 “Underground Folk” / angura fōku (reference). Another hit of theirs:

In English the band has been billed as “Tokyo Folk Crusaders” (source):

I only live twice - Tokyo Folk Crusaders

Other Links & References:




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