Japanese film as history: keirin velodromes

Fresh off the popularity of keirin bicycle racing 競輪 / ケイリン at the 2016 Rio Olympics, I thought I’d compile a list of Japanese films that include scenes at a keirin velodrome / racetrack.

(1) The Perfect Game (1958) 『完全な遊戯』 (かんぜんなゆうぎ), a.k.a. “The Tragedy of Today

The Perfect Game 1958 keirin bike race

See also letterboxd, teaforone, and movie.walkerplus

(2) The End of Summer (1961) 小早川家の秋

(3) I Hate but Love (1962) 憎いあンちくしょう

Only the entrance of the Korakuen Velodrome is visible; this frame has been matched to aerial photo from 1961-1964:

See also:

(4) Kikujiro (1999) 菊次郎の夏 Kikujirō no Natsu

Footage of Kagetsu-en Velodrome 花月園競輪場 prior to its closure in 2010 (map).

(Extra) See also:

Negishi (map)


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