Koizumi Kishio 小泉癸巳男 (1893-1945)

Here are a few wonderful woodblock prints by Koizumi Kishio 小泉癸巳男, including images of Hibiya Municipal Hall, Tsukiji Fish Market, and a river transporting logs, on the way to a kiba 木場 log storage pond. (Interestingly, the Odaiba district of Tokyo is reclaimed land- it was used as a kiba as recently as 1980 or so.)

Koizumi produced the series, “100 Pictures of Great Tokyo in Showa” 昭和東京百図絵 / 昭和大東京百図絵版画.

A print that specifically caught my attention is the old Ogikubo firing range, which I describe fuller here: Okubo rifle shooting range 大久保小銃射撃場



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