Larry Sawell, Tokyo’s ‘Round Mound of Sound’

Came across an interesting character from 1970’s Tokyo: Larry Sawell, a member of the US Air Force who was the voice of the “Early Riser” radio program on the Far East Network’s station, Radio 810, Tokyo.

Larry Sawell in the March 7, 1975 issue of Tokyo Weekender (PDF):


Sawell was featured in the September 1976 issue of EBONY magazine: “Tokyo’s ‘Round Mound of Sound’: U.S. Air Force sergeant stars as early-morning disk jockey

In addition to his radio station duties, Sawell performed as a DJ at Tokyo discos and also provided the English voices for some Japanese movies; below, Sawell dubs lines for the immortal Toshiro Mifune 三船 敏郎.


The SCN Radio & TV website gives us a brief update on Sawell’s life: “An LA native, Larry retired and went to work at Disney World.” (SCN = Southern Command Network, an American military radio network in Central America).


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