Tokyo’s Jazz Bar NARU

On the advice of an American jazz musician who plays professionally in Shanghai, I checked out Naru, a jazz club with locations in Yoyogi & Ochanomizu. The locations are:

(1) Ochanomizu: お茶の水Naru / ジャズハウスナル / Jazz House Naru, Ochanomizu (map)

(2) Yoyogi: 代々木ナル Yoyogi Naru / Naru Restaurant Bar Yoyogi (map)

Photos from the Ochanomizu location:

We had very front-row seats:

Schedule from the Ochanomizu location; the group we listened comprised:

  • 大坂昌彦 Masahiko Osaka (drums) (Website)
  • 今泉正明 Masaaki Imaizumi (piano) (Website)
  • パット・グリン Pat Glynn (bass) (Website)
  • 西口明宏 Akihiro Nishiguchi (tenor sax) (Website)
  • 山田拓児 Takuji Yamada (alto sax) (Website)

Here’s a listen from the night:

A view of the interior and exterior:

Schedule from the Yoyogi location (2012):

Yoyogi exterior:



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