Four temples and shrines

A collection of three shrines and one sort-of temple in and around Tokyo:

(1) 波除於咲稲荷大明神 Morii-nari-jinja (shrine)

Located in the old Tsukudajima fishing village.

(2) Atago Shrine

Perched on the tallest spot in Tokyo’s 23 wards. Seen here in the snow:

(3) Roadside box for Ojizo-san (I believe):

Located in the midst of rice paddies in Chiba, about a mile northwest of Keisei-Shisui Station 京成酒々井駅 (map).

(4) Hikawa Shrine 氷川神社

This shrine sits on a small hill across the street from the visionary Ohashi Green Junction, not too far from Shibuya.

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