Scenes from: Vengeance is Mine 復讐するは我にあり (1979)

Vengeance is Mine 復讐するは我にあり (1979), directed by Shohei Imamura 今村 昌平. The film is based on the true story of Akira Nishiguchi 西口彰, a serial killer who  was executed by hanging (see Quora:  Who were famous Japanese murderers?)

An early scene of American soldiers misbehaving:

Leaving a train station:

Also by Imamura:

  • Pigs and Battleships 豚と軍艦 Buta to gunkan (1961)
  • Foundry Town (aka “City of Cupolas”) キューポラのある街 (1962)
  • History of Postwar Japan as Told by a Bar Hostess にっぽん戦後史 マダムおんぼろの生活 (Nippon Sengoshi – Madamu onboro no Seikatsu) (1970) (Twitter)

Other crime films (all based on works by writer Seicho Matsumoto 松本清張):

  • Stakeout 張込み Harikomi (1958)
  • Zero Focus ゼロの焦点 Zero no shoten (1961)
  • Castle of Sand 砂の器 Suna no utsuwa (1974) – based on “Inspector Imanishi Investigates” (Tweets about the book)

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