Yokohama-bashi from “Pale Flower” (1964)

Here are some stills from the wonderful yakuza-noir film, “Pale Flower” 乾いた花 Kawaita hana / “Withered Flower” (1964):

Here are annotated versions; the vertical sign is labelled 「横浜橋通商店街」 means “Yokohama Bridge Commercial District”.

With the help of  the following blog, 横浜映画 Yokohama movie, I confirmed the location as the former Yokohama-bashi (bridge) in the Maganecho district 真金町 of Yokohama (map). This bridge crossed over a canal that flowed through central Yokohama until at least the early 1960s. Today this street is a covered shopping arcade; you can visit the website at: 横浜橋通商店街 Yokohamabashi Shopping District. Today, the same location looks something like this:

This area is detailed on the following two maps. Note, the closest station is Bandobashi Station 阪東橋駅:

(Yokohama is not unusual for having filled-in its canals; extensive canals in Tokyo were filled-in after WW2; see: Canals of the Ginza: floating through time on Tokyo’s central waterways .)

Pale Flower was directed by Masahiro Shinoda 篠田正浩; some of his other films include:



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